What’s Off?... I Think I Know!

If you have read What’s off? , then you are patiently waiting for the answer to that question. Today my fellow readers, I have an answer for you.  When a friend insinuated that something was off about African-Canadian women I had to get down to the bottom of it. Really I did. I found the answer to be rather simple.  Both males and females select certain parts of our Western and African culture and decide to look for those in the opposite sex.  Makes sense?

Let me elaborate. In my family we are three kids all raised  as 2nd generation Canadians. Therefore we have this mini conflict where our parents raise us differently than the western culture causing a phenomenon that I coin "The Battle of the Cultures". Though all three of us are raised in the same household and hence have the same environment, each individual picks a different aspect of the western culture and a different aspect of the African culture to be who they are as an African Canadian. This applies to all 2nd generation children of all cultures all over the world.

So for example, when my brother starts dating he has some qualities or traits that he is looking for in an African woman that he attributes to being raised in an African house. When he meets, let's say Afua, an African woman that really has his attention he is looking for those traits in her. Upon finding that she doesn't have them then there's something "off" about her. Vice versa as well. Truth is, nothing is "off". She just has not chosen the same characteristics that he has chosen from the African culture and the Western culture.

My fellow readers, the next time you date a 2nd generation child of your culture do keep this concept in mind. It will greatly help you when you are trying to understand what is off about  the other and not dismiss them so quickly. As I said a while back,

We’ve brought the best of both worlds together; fused together into the beautiful beings we are. Shine girls shine! If our counterparts don’t want us the rest of Canada, US, Europe and Australia does. They will snatch us up in a blink of an eye.

- What's Off? 

Let me go call Elijah and explain to him what he meant. I have yet to to tell him what exactly his issue is.

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