What's Off ?

I was catching up with a friend of mine who I had not spoken to in a while. I remember every time I asked him about his love life he would say "I am going to Africa to find me a good woman" and I would laugh asking why what is wrong with us Africans here in Canada and he would just brush it off. About 5 months has passed by since we last spoke and the love life part of the conversation looked something like this.

Me - Hey Elijah, how's your love life doing?

E - Its doing great. I have a girlfriend now but unfortunately she's white

Startled for 2 reasons. I keep my composure and try to get an understanding of what he just said.

Me - What do you mean Elijah?

E - I can't get with a black girl from here. Something is off with you all.

Now I don't know if i'm startled or getting furious. But I wanted to understand him so I decide to dig in.

Me- Whats wrong with black women?

E - I'm not talking about black women in general. I am talking about African girls that are born here. That's why I wanted to go back to Africa and find a wife from there.

Me - Elijah you are going to have to give me more than there's something off about us...

He was deep in his thoughts. He really was trying to pinpoint that off feeling he was getting about us and I was losing patience waiting for an answer while I sat sipping on my coffee ready to shred his point to pieces. He couldn't come up with one. So I let him off for another day. Don't worry! I'll get it out of him.

This has peaked my interest though. Is there something really off to our fellow African Canadian men about us? This also applies to Africans born in the US , Europe even Australia. Are we not what an African woman should be? Are we too westernized or are we too African? I don't see anything wrong.I have yet for someone to tell me what exactly is the issue. We've brought the best of both worlds together; fused together into the beautiful beings we are. Shine girls shine! If our counterparts don't want us the rest of Canada, US, Europe and Australia does. They will snatch us up in a blink of an eye.

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