Passively Gaining Lbs

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Girl! We need to talk!

I remember standing in front of my mirror naked and was wondering how the body can change overtime if not taken care of. To God’s honest truth, I haven’t taken care of my health believing it would take care of itself and it has! In a very not surprising way. I instantly grabbed my phone and called my girl! I was like girl this weight is blocking my view. I can’t see anything any longer! I’m getting lost in all this fat! She laughed and said aren’t we all.

If I can only tuck my tummy in, all will be better

Ever since, I stand in front of the mirror and wonder how did this happen? I really thought it was impossible. I’ve slowly gone from offline shopping to online shopping where only I can see myself in the clothes and be disappointed in my own privacy. I’ve neatly folded all the clothes that don’t fit any longer and put them away. All in hope that this body will reclaim who it was. The thing is, doing nothing is actually doing something. It’s easier to let things slip away as time passes by and then ask questions like how did it happen? This doesn’t only apply to weight gain but also applies to goals and dreams in life.

Will these ever fit me again?

So, an add on to 2019’s New Year Resolutions List is to be more aware of my body and what I do to it. Doing nothing is really doing something. I might as well be smart about it and have a plan in place.

What do you do to keep the body in shape and in tack?


Edith Berko