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I am an African. I am also a Canadian. I am not an African Canadian like how they say African American; but I am an African Canadian. I am one of many who are fully African but Canadian by birth. Such beautiful people we are. We speak at least two languages and have perfected neither. We can completely embrace our culture and be an African man or woman who completely understands the struggle of our people. We can also completely place that aside and be the Canadians who bleed red and white, enjoy having a white Christmas and believe in our charter of rights.  I believe what we are today is a gateway to help mother Africa.

I recall when I was younger my parents would say that they wanted us to go school, be well educated so we can go back and help our people. Deliver them from their poverty. Become rulers of Africa. They have long stopped saying that but it still resonates with me. We are extremely blessed to be here so let us help others with our blessing. But growing up we definitely lost our identity. Half of us placed ourselves in the Caribbean category and the other half of us placed ourselves in whatever else we can find that was not African. Nobody wanted to identify their selves as an African. Presently as you read this blog today being an African here in North America is more beautiful than ever. Our music, dance, food, fashion, hairstyles and body image is trending.

Get on board! If you’re an African that is hidden, show yourself and represent. The days where we had to hide is over. Let us help build the bridge between Africa and home as we make our parents’ homeland a better place with the sources we have now. In 2015, a lot of us are in our 20’s. We are blessed with education. We are soon to have careers that will allow us to be well connected. As we are studying and picking careers let us not forget our parents’ dreams to make their home a better place.

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