The Me Right Now

I don't know what it is but there is an aura lingering in the air that we only perceive once we hit the second half of our twenty's. Well for me at least. We start really wondering where am I going in life? Is it really going to end up well for me? Are all these years of schooling the right path? What is my next move to make a good amount of money in life?

You look at others around you. You start calculating and comparing all you've done in the years gone by. Depending on who you compare yourself to, you have either wasted precious years of your life or immensely thank God that you are still in one healthy piece. Nonetheless you still feel miserable and that  feeling is not leaving you alone.

Just in the right moment a good friend tells you that you are nothing but a dreamer. Well... Of course I am nothing but a dreamer. My list of goals and dreams that I have confided in you runs quite long and nothing in the past 5 years have been checked off ; only a dream a day has been added. Whereas in the past 5 years this friend has been to Abu Dhabi, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Italy, Mexico, USA, Ghana. You name it, they've been there!

Or when that other close friend calls you to inform you they have started a business; their very own product line and your jaw drops. Conveniently your parents puts all your thoughts and feelings into words for you when nobody has asked them to. Letting you know how you are going no where in life, to look at the other people your age and to look at your siblings...

I can go on and on and on about all the signs and symptoms of failure that are present in our lives. That list is long. But does anybody relate? It may be in different forms yes but they are there.

For a young adult it is even harder. Let me not get into social media and how it paints an image of how we should be living life by 25 the latest 30! Fast money, hot cars, everything brand name, etc.

If you are in this situation, don't stress. Slow and steady. Slow and steady. You are creating your own story. We never know the truth behind people's success.

A few pointers:

1) Don't compare too much. You have dreams and goals. Slow and steady you'll make it there. Life is not a race. As long as you are working hard. You will succeed.

2) Be satisfied with who you are. Be content with what you have done. We make mistakes. No one is perfect. Learn from them and grow.

3) Think positive. Very simply put. Think positive. If it ain't positivity boot it out of your life.

4)Place God first and don't ever stop praying about your life.

Slow and steady. Slow and steady. You are creating your own story!