The Door

If I remember you

There was a presence you had when you walked into a room

A presence I wanted in my little room.

All my friends knew that I really wanted you

Everyday that I saw you coming through

I took a quick glance and put my head down

So you would not see in my emotions I was drowned

One day you came to me to say hello

As to why you did that I still don’t know.

If I remember you

A charming character you truly were

That quick moment is nothing but a blur.

We became good friends and a little more than that

You became my comfort place that’s a fact.

A look so rough but a touch so soft

Never would you hurt me at any cost.

Anything I would do to make you happy

A waste of my time, I didn’t know – sadly

I do remember you

The first with the profile I had always been searching for

So easily ending up at my front door

The third to show me they aren’t all the same

But little did I know he was running a game

The fifth that tore my heart into pieces

Now you have me asking questions to Jesus

The seventh that stole me while wearing a mask

Why did you do that if I may still ask?

I do remember you

The one who came back claiming to marry me

Never did you give me a single apology

A part of me still left your door wide open

Now you are here I am still hoping

That all I remembered of you from before

Will the good be good there and the bad nevermore

The day that you see your daughter has been broken

Remember that day that you left me there frozen.

-Edith B

© 2017 Modestly E. All Rights Reserved.

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