The Corrupt in Him

Updated: May 30, 2018

He flees like a burglar being chased by the law

Yet every move that he makes is expressively without flaw

More like it is strategic is what I may say

If only we can see how all of this one day will play.

Until he has decided on how to face the game

Up and down the path he runs as the leader who knows no shame

He seeks more power not knowing all is in his hand

Leaving his scepter behind deeming it to have no noble end

As a baby that is given the best of the mother’s share

So is he blessed with a life truly so rare

Like a teenager not really knowing what he has

He throws it all away without blinking his eyes

Only to go find that there is something called strife

A grown man is he but has not yet captured the principles of life

Shamelessly he stands in the wrong he has done

Willingly blind to the scars he has drawn

Drawn on the ones who has wholeheartedly followed

Breaking their hearts and leaving them hollow

No amount of advice given today he shall take

He justifies his actions with stories only he can make

Rightfully born to lead in this place

Wrongfully he shuns it without seeing his disgrace

- E.B

© 2017 Modestly E. All Rights Reserved.

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