Staying Grateful

I came across an old tag on YouTube called “The Thanksgiving Tag” and I thought it to be a great easy one to do for my channel. It’s Thanksgiving so why not? I can easily find a list of 50 things in my life that I am truly grateful for. So, I started and the first 5 was easy. I continued and I reached let us say around 15 and then I froze. I had nothing more to list. How was that possible? I am as grateful as one can get I thought.  I am blessed and I know it. However, when it came time to list them I appeared to be discontent. I was being selective in what I was listing because I was salty about this and that in my life. I’m not going to lie but I teared up and was overwhelmed with my emotions. Instead of a list showing my gratitude in life, I had a list of how bitter and unappreciative I was of life. I even ended up going back to crossing the first thing I was grateful for on my list – my dear life. I needed a moment.

My dear readers, this Thanksgiving understand that life is not perfect, nor fair, nor goes according to planned. If you already know this, like I do, then read this post as a reminder because we always forget. Well I know I do! We tend to forget that we won’t get what we want when we want it.  I might have lived 25%, 50% or even 99% of my life already but if there is one thing I can say I have learnt so far about life is to be patient with it. I don’t have anything else ever to compare it with but to a plant. Today it’s nothing but a seed and then tomorrow it is the tallest of trees. Such is life. We need to be patient with it.

It’s odd to say but we kind of have a way to pronounce and bring forth positivity in our life by simply switching that on and off button in our head; by just changing the lenses you are viewing your life through. Let me list a few steps in how you can just do so:

1-      Remove your preconditions to happiness. These are the “If _____________ happens only then will I be happy in life”.  Replace them with daily statements of “I am happy today because ________________”

2-      Forgive as many people as you can forgive. Let go of all the negative files of the many people stored within. Clean up! This is like when you open all your curtains and windows allowing sunlight and fresh air to come in. Ah, the feeling! P.S: not considered an easy step but can still be done.

3-      Don’t be obsessed with social media. I cannot stress this point anymore.  Be mindful of how you use it and what you take in.  If you don’t know how then reduce your time on it – simply put. It really clogs you up subconsciously. You know our subconscious needs cleaning from time to time?

4-      Think bigger than yourself. You can do this by finding a cause to know where you fit in the big picture. There is more to this world than just you. This allows you and I both to be more appreciative of who we are, where we are and what we have.

We are so blessed today that we forget that we are actually blessed. Do you get it? We have taken a lot of life’s aspect for granted and let the littlest of things worry us.  I couldn’t make a list of 50 things this year. However, I got to 20. Applying these pointers to my life by Christmas I should be able to add 10 more to my list. Together let us change our lenses and view our life in a positive light because after all life itself is nothing but a blessing. Stay grateful!

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