Same Den, Different Face

On this journey called life, we all come to a point where we find ourselves in a very dark place. Our spirit feels stuck and we are suffering. I came across that this summer. I described it as one trapped in a den; a very dark pit. Not even a small brim of light is inside. It causes us to not be able to see our own selves. All you can do is feel yourself and the darkness around you but not actually see what you look like. What is even scarier is you don’t even know the size of this den. You seem to have woken up in it. Many of us have been here for a long time, sitting and waiting for help. Waiting and tired of waiting. We have been sitting here crying and scared.

If your biggest perceived danger in life is right there in there with you, you don’t even know. If somehow, you try wrapping yourself with a sweater for warmth and comfort, you can't know what entered it to torment you. Nothing in this space feels safe, mentally, physically, and spiritually. You are stuck. In this den, the exit might be right in front of you, and one would not be able to see it. There is no light. There is no helper. There is fear. There is hopelessness.

Despite how unique the den is to you, we have all been in that very same den and I assure you there is a way out. The way out is inside of you. The light you are looking for is inside of you. The way to rescue your spirit from this state is by fighting it with the truth. It’s a mind war. We have the truth within us. Yet, the enemy confuses us about what the truth actually is. He distorts it and allows us to completely forget it.

Same story with Adam and Eve. What needs to take place is a rebuttal. Take that truth and every day repeat it daily to yourself. This dark place is very different for each individual but it is the truth built within us that rescues us. There is a light within us that can be lit. This is the purpose of positive affirmations. Proclaim them daily in the physical until the spirit within you believes it. The Word of God has so much truth that rescues us. Use it! Light the path with it and open the door to your freedom.

Let’s talk about it! We have a tendency to wait for rescuing when a lot of times we can rescue ourselves before we are too far gone. What other available methods are there?

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