Rouge on Being Yourself

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

It is funny how life has a way of teaching us our lessons. It is only once you have passed that point on your journey can you know the answers. However, you will never pass that road again and can only share that answer. So, I sat down and chit chatted with Rouge – a local RnB artist. He shared some crucial life lessons that he has learnt on his journey.

Rouge’s music is a melting pot of all the genres he loved growing up. From rock music with Paramore to rap music with Kendrick Lamar, Rouge has explored and discovered exactly what his is.

“Music has always been my thing. I grew up in the church and was always part of the choir. Yet, I needed something more than a choir. So, I did my own thing. I made a venture and explored music that moved me all the while still connecting with my culture.”

Congratulations! It really isn’t easy to step out and be able to do your own thing. Then when we don’t, it is one of the biggest things we regret not doing. I’m a strong believer of being yourself and succeeding at doing so. No matter how difficult the situation gets, being true to who you are is always the answer. Yet, before you can know who you are you need to learn about yourself by trying new things and seeing what works for you or not. Find out what makes you happy or sad, what destroys you and what builds you. Rouge definitely agrees with this point. He shares how he was a shy person and through his music he came to discover who he truly was.

“I regret not being true to myself. I was always doing what was in-style. Which is normal and what a lot of kids go through. That’s why I want to tell you to be yourself now and do you! People gravitate towards ingenuity and honesty. I only grew into who I truly was after high school, when social factors weren’t a factor any longer. Back then, I did not even genuinely like what I liked.”

Rouge explains that music gave him a backbone. While exploring music, a lot of self-discovery has occurred for him. He has become an honest person. Which is odd to say. We always claim to be honest not realizing that we are not honest to ourselves by taking in everything else that is around us rather than putting out what is in us. Think about that!

Rouge says to successfully be you, “If you see something that is impacting your life negatively, let it go.”

His favorite band Dance Gavin Dance talks about this in one of his favorite songs of theirs called Bloodsucker. You need to get rid of the parasitic people and things that just sucks energy from you. If it’s your first time listening to Dance Gavin Dance then Rouge also recommends listening to Strawberry Swisher Part 2; not Part 1 or 3. They can do no wrong!

Don’t also forget to listen to Rouge either on Soundcloud, Deezer, Apple and Spotify. Check him out below!