Reflecting and Planning 2018

It is literally the last days of 2017 and we never could have been certain that we would make it to this day. Yet here we are! Are we not grateful? We are closing off another year of our life and stepping into a new one. However, once again we do not know where the new year will lead us to. Regardless we plan for it and pray for the best. In this post I would like to give 5 tips on how to kick start the year and keep it moving in the right direction. 

Speaking of direction, let us find our direction by giving the new year a theme. What do you want to focus on this year? Pick a theme that will resonate in all areas of your life. Focusing on the theme rather than specific goals will assure improvement across the various areas of life such as in school, work, hobbies, relationships and many more. This actually decreases the chances of you and I getting a breakdown or falling into some form of depression because we do not see ourselves achieving our normal specific hard edge goals. If you need some ideas here are examples of a few themes - sacrifice, health, braveness, discipline, mindfulness among many. Just take the time to ponder over what you need in your life in the new year. The theme is more of a soft edged goal. It grows with the year and is still applicable despite of what happens through out the year.

In order to move forward you need to look back at the past year to see how you can better this new one. However, as humans we easily forget what we even ate for dinner last night. Well, I know many times I have had a  hard time remembering things - sadly. But without remembering, how can we sit down and evaluate what actually happened? That is why I suggest keeping a physical journal where you get to log your daily mood, the highlight and failures of each day and much more. Looking back you will be able to say my year over all was a good or bad year. Rather than creating an assumption of the year based on how you are feeling at the end of the year. 

With that in mind, well we have to actually look back at 2017 and assess it. It is okay if you did not keep a journal. Here are a few questions you should look at in regards to the past year: 

What did you like about it? What did you dislike about it? What will you change about it if given the chance? What one lesson did you learn?What one word will you use to describe the past year? Once done reviewing 2017, grab a pen, a paper, an envelope and a positive mindset. With these items you will jot down a list of realistic goals you would love to achieve in exactly 1 year. I remind you REALISTIC please! You may write is as a letter to the future you or you may just list it down point form. Place your paper in an envelope and seal it well. Hide that for the year and never go back to it until December 31st 2018. I will tell you then what to do with it if God permits. 

The last thing to do now before we say our goodbyes to 2017 and share our cheers to 2018, organize your physical space. Clean up your room, your house, your body and wear a new set of clothes that makes you feel amazing. Organizing your physical space helps you organize your mental space. You will feel at peace while radiating nothing but positive vibes going into the new year.

I hope this post has helped you. These are all things I am doing this year as well. If you have any more pointers into kick starting 2018 do share in the comment section below.