Prisoner in Me

Today I woke up on the highest cloud ever

With dreams, goals and plans to somehow achieve

Yet I dropped so low that all these were a never

Now I lay down only wanting to grieve

A whole year has simply past me by

Reality somehow hits me and the dreams disappear

When once upon a time I really thought I could fly.

Now I lay here and nothing is so clear.

What is the method to translate dreams to reality.

Someone please tell me because I dont know how

I am stuck in a phase of some form of abnormality

A state I should no longer let myself allow

Time is essential and not to be wasted

Depression seems to be the very one thief of my time

Always laying down as though one who is sedated

My mind being the one partner committing this crime

Scrolling month after month through what others have succeeded

And not knowing how to get up from this bed that I lay

All the while feeling that in this life I’ve receded

In a bed of pain, unknown anger and dismay

Held down so tight by the chains in my head

Not a clue on how I became a prisoner of me

I sleep, eat and fake it away instead

Honestly just looking to be truly set free.


© 2017 Modestly E. All Rights Reserved.

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