New Year, Same Me

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

I'm a motivator! Nobody has told me their problem where I looked at them in the face and said give up or walk away or you will never succeed. If those words came out of my mouth what I really meant was give up and try a new method. Walk away and take a deep breath. You will never succeed if you do not change your ways. That’s exactly what I want to tell you in January, in 2019 and for every day of your life. We always expect big changes in all areas of our life starting from January 1st at 12 am. The truth is big goals, big dreams, aspirations, and plans never happen if you do not find the method and habits that will bring them into existence.

I am a living truth of this. During the last week of every year, I write myself a list of things I want to accomplish in the coming year. I seal it in an envelope, wax it, and place it in a box for the end of the new year. In the first week, I go through the list I made a year ago and assess what has been done, what I have failed and how my goals changed in the year. 2018's list review shocked me. I literally did not accomplish even one thing on my list. As I was going down the list, x-ing out each box, I got quite emotional remembering why I failed so horribly. I failed because I dreamed of success, but I did not plan for it.

Dreaming and working to attain the dream are two completely different things. So, with this article I want to bring some things to light.

1. The new year still has the same old you with your same old ways. We need to be honest and transparent people. You know what your struggles are. Now actually face them. Face them by actually working on them and not just acknowledging them. Acknowledgement is the start but it’s not enough to get you to the end.

2. January is not for succeeding at being your new self. It’s actually the time to break habits, build habits, get into routines that can be maintained. It is the time to fail, learn and start again. Fail, learn, and start again. It’s about finding your rhythm for the year that you are running.

3. New year, 1st month, be sensitive to your inner voice, that gut feeling. For example, if media is telling you that you need to buy more to be happy, but that still small voice is telling you to focus on donating more to be happy. Then do just that. No matter how difficult it is. There's a reason to why you're being led this way and you will only understand at the end of the year.

It's only in December you can truly say "Wow, this is the new me! ". At that point you have acknowledged your struggles, grown past them, failed, learnt, repeated several times and is following your intuition wholeheartedly. Now you can say New Year New Me.

Happy January!

xoxo Edith Berko