The holidays are here and I find myself trying to look my best in all ways possible. It is not for people but really for myself. After this Fall semester and an intense 2 weeks of exams I felt that I had to treat myself.  I wanted my hair, nails, brows, skin, face clothes and shoes to be amazing and on fleek. I mean after all it is the holidays, right? From everything I had been seeing on social media I already knew what needed to be done and what I was going for. I needed to make myself up and nobody was going to stop me. I was definitely going to be that chick! Yes, this mission was definitely unstoppable.

There was going to be a lot of first times for me this Christmas and that was going to be my gift to myself – ME 2.0. As Christmas Eve rolled around and my hair, face and nails were done I did not find the satisfaction I was looking for. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I did not actually put me first, but I put what the world said mattered first. I was not happy and I was not comfortable. I was not me. Despite the feeling I still went on with it.

When I came home and removed everything I realized I was not confident in the persona I had created. I wanted to treat myself and shine the way everybody else seemed to have shone. However, I had done the opposite. I actually hid who I am. Staring in the mirror completely natural and barefaced I realized once again in life that the highway was not necessarily my way. Every time I try to be extra or do what is main stream I seem to be hit with a reality check.

If you have read this far then there is a message here for you. I want to tell you that the highway is not necessarily your way. It doesn't mean everybody is going 120 km/hr that you should be doing so to. Do not leave what you have in your hands to take something else that is being offered to you based on its looks. What do I mean by this? Let us look back at my example where I took made up beauty to be better than my natural beauty and was uncomfortable and unhappy throughout. When what I was really trying to achieve was a better me. If I had focused on what I already have I would have glowed even better. This world has so much to offer but you have to be wise in what you pick. It doesn't mean that is available and everyone else is doing that you should too.

The next time you find yourself in a similar situation, look past the present and look into the future to see what possible destination this option or route will lead you. Ask yourself these question: Does it take me to my end goal? What does my guts tell me about this? Will I be happy overall? What are the disadvantages of this? What do I already have that I am dropping? Between the two which is better?

It may not always be with makeup or fashion, but the dilemma occurs over a range of life matters. This Christmas and as the year is ending don't forget that the highway may not necessarily be your way. Merry Christmas!

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