Spring Semester (January 2020 – May 2020)

After 8 months in the Caribbean, by 3rd semester you are comfortable. The Caribbean is somewhat now home (especially if you haven’t seen home for 8 months). You are not afraid of your environment and this semester you can completely focus on the material.


Pathology I Microbiology Epidemiology RHM 2 CCBS 3 (Clinical Correlation of Basic Sciences) Psychology

Let me tell you about it (half the semester was in school and half was online due to COVID-19)

MD 3 can be difficult. At this point most of your classes keep referring to Immunology in a very confusing manner. Make sure you have that material straight in your mind. Microbiology is a lot of memorizing and you are bombarded with a lot of information. Remember to focus on what is high yield. Do not get lost in the details.


- Microbiology: Sketchy is a life saver

- Pathology: Use Pathoma

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