Winter Semester (September 2019– December 2019)


Biochemistry and Genetics CCBS 2 (Clinical Correlation of Basic Sciences) Neurosciences Physiology RHM 1 (Research in Health and Medicine)

After MD 1, this semester is an intense semester. It is one of those semesters where you learn fundamentals. Biochemistry can be overwhelming if it is new to you. Some students take courses prior to this in order for Biochemistry to run smoothly. However, once you get through block 1 the very science-y/ Chemistry like part of the course is over.


- from here forward use it for everything. Very useful site for Physiology.

- Dr. Najeeb is a life saver for Neuroscience. The videos are long but give him your time. He will teach you the material.

- For biochemistry there are tons of Youtube videos that will help you on your journey.

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