First Semester (MD 1) of Caribbean Medical School

Summer Semester (May 2019– August 2019)

This is a stressful semester! Everything is new if this is your first time in the Caribbean. The island is small and very different. There might be a little culture shock. You are surrounded by new people, new food, new country, and new program. However, you can succeed.


Anatomy and Embryology Histology CCBS 1 (Clinical Correlation of Basic Sciences) Medical and Legal Ethics

Let me tell you about it:

This semester can be overwhelming and filled with tons of emotions. You miss home, you miss family, and you miss fast food and cry over everything. I suggest you team up with your classmates and work together. Isolating yourself is not the key here. "Team work makes the dream work" really works at this stage of the game. Another main struggle here is figuring out how to study. Figure out your study pattern ASAP or else you quickly fall behind. You learn very quickly that this is a fast paced program with tons of information.

Here are a few tips:

- Find your 3 main resources and stick to it. You will be bombarded with a lot of resources. Remember to stick to 3. Example: Teacher’s PowerPoints, First Aid and videos.

- Anatomy: Draw out everything. It helps a lot. Also, don’t be shy to YouTube what you don’t know. You will be amazed how other people explain and teach things can make learning so much easier. Also try using the following app for lab ( Complete Anatomy)

- Histology: Taking the time to read helped bring clarity on concepts.

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