Life Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves #1904

April has been a tough month. Things were more difficult. Big life decisions had to be taken. I’ve been looking for my “raison d’etre” and learning to hear the still small voice that guides me in life. I have been looking for my reasons as to why I want to face the next day. That just brought me question after question. However, I am only going to address two of these questions – the big ones. I asked people what their answers were to see if my answer made any sense. I discussed these questions with my siblings. After all what is the purpose of your entourage if they don’t help you discover yourself. So together, let’s discuss April’s two life questions everyone should be asking themselves.

What motivates you to want to wake up again the next day on a very practical level?

There are so many answers that everyone can have. We are all different and have different reasons to wake up the next day. Some wake up because they have to show another person that you don’t give up regardless of how tough life is. Some wake up because they have to be that constant source of joy for the children they work with on a daily basis and love dearly. Others wake up because there is so much to experience in this world and they haven’t experienced it all. A new day gives them that chance. Ask yourself – what motivates you to wake up again? For me I realized, I wanted to wake up the next day for the people that love me. I wouldn’t want them to feel any hurt and pain. If I bring them joy and happiness then I want to be there the next day to provide that for them. Is it twisted?

If you aren’t sure why you wake up in the morning over and over again, it’s okay! There are some people that told me they didn’t know why they were willing to wake up to the next day but they just do. The point of the question is to help you think and understand a bit better who you are and why you do what you do. Over the next couple of days, ask yourself this question before bed and in the morning. The answer will just dawn on you!

Is the decision I am taking in life right now the right one?

This question is very similar to March’s life question everyone should be asking themselves. However, this time I’m looking at it from the perspective of the still small voice inside of me. Have you ever heard yours? Have you ever relied on it to help confirm that you are making the right decision in life right now? Share with me what you think about it in the comments section below. This month I made an irrational decision to take on a very expensive burden before I was financially ready for it. All the calculations I did told me to not partake in this. However, the still small voice told me to jump right into it and start because the world has a way of providing. It’s called manifestation – the art of bringing forth something into reality through thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. So that’s what I did. Do I regret it? No! Not yet. So how do you know that you are taking the right decision in life right now? Try finding the still small voice and listen to it. Ignore everything you see, hear and think. To my understanding and experience with it so far, it works as in inner guidance in life. Reading an article on this topic, there was a line that stood out to me “If we make life decisions by listening to the noise – and not the silence – these decisions come from fear and unconsciousness. And we eventually suffer the consequences.”

What do you think about this inner guidance called the still small voice? What stood out to you in this blog post? Share your thoughts and ideas with me on these questions. I would love to hear from you on Instagram

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