Life Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves #1901

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

A part of self-development is being able to ask yourself important life questions. Learning to ask the right ones whether it be a small life question or a big one will allow you to ponder over the very life you are living. It helps you understand why you do what you do. This blog titled “Life Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves” is going to be a monthly post where I answer questions everyone should be asking themselves in life. Hopefully you can read these posts, become inspired to assess your life as well and leave with an advice or lesson that you can apply to your life. Let’s get into it!

When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

Honestly, I have learnt to accept my bad days. Bad days are bad days. Depending on what type of bad day it is I have different ways of handling it. Before I realized what, I was doing, I use to carry anger with me all day and look for even more reasons to be angry and continue the bad day. My mentality was if I am having a bad day, I must continue having it all day. Now, I have grown past that and do my nest to switch a bad day into a good day. Time is not to be wasted.

Some bad days are bad because the day did not go according to planned. I have learnt to eat, take a nap and restart the day no matter what time it is. If it`s a bad day because someone has offset my mood, I have behaved in a way I don`t appreciate or I`m annoyed by everybody, I give myself a pep talk then eat a meal I enjoy.

Now that I am writing this, I think the answer to the question is I eat to make myself feel better. I am an emotional eater. After a good snack or meal I`m ready to take the day on again. I love food. I don`t have an inspirational answer for this one. However, what I can say is find your feel good place and dive right into it to lift your spirit up again. That’s what I do.

What’s the wisest thing you have ever heard someone say?

I am always out looking for wise stuff! I`ve heard a lot from my parents and people`s life stories. On the spot it`s hard to come up with any. But there`s a line in a song where I never forget. It said, “Keep what your momma teach ya, don`t let cheat or deceit defeat ya!” It’s by Teaira Mari. My mother has taught me so much in life by practice and by words. If I ever was to drop that bag of tips and advice in life it would have meant someone deceived me that there was something better. I would never want to drop sound advice for a fool’s pretty words.

Another one is to not say what I think I am going to do or what I plan to do. Yet I should, wait till I have completed it before sharing it. Now this is sound advice but a very hard one to follow. As humans, we tend to announce ourselves before we have fully completed or obtained what we are aiming for. Then we just look bad or indecisive in life. I kept this one close to heart. I remember as a young girl I would always tell my friends what I was going to buy the coming weekend because my momma promised me so. On Monday when they would ask me where the item was, I always felt that I should have never told them. It’s the same when it comes to dreams, goals, and projects in life. Do not announce yourself before you have fully accomplished the task.

Let me know what your answer to these questions are and what you have learnt from mine. Remember sharing is caring. *wink wink* Stay tuned for February’s Life Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves.