Life by Efya

The lyrics in this song ,written by an African artist called Efya, are beautiful! The rhythm is amazing! Such a beautiful tune that all must listen to on Day 1 of Black History Month. Click on the picture to go hear it.

Tryin' a tell a story Listen to my story

24 years Ready, yes prepared Wasn't always easy Look at me now I'm here Breaking all the rules Soul inspired music Going deep down in your system gonna abuse it

Can you here me yeah Listen to me clearly Breaking it down for you So sometime of you air please Comes on within Yes I believe! That you will achieve If you should perceive All of the things that you want Wait a minute, Stop! ×2 Take a minute please Wait a minute, Stop! When you did not stop! It takes sometime to get to the top Make up your mind To never ever stop No one said it'll be easy But this how I'm living Making them music for the old for the living

This is my life What more can I say This is my life Tryin' a make a way This is my life Won't stop today This is my life It's the only way

Yeah, mama was right Listen to your heart She will say every night When I used to dream of being me Taking my music that rescued me In my nightmares I do this for the music That li la la li That makes you wanna boogie The highs and the lows Say Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol African music, up-rising music Classical music, passionate music Old timers  music, young lover's  music The music in me Beating drums to the rythms of life Everyday, after day Didn't know how I'll do without The music today.


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