Kindness – An Extraordinary Way of Living

I was driving back home after taking a quick drive to McDonald's only to get myself 10 nuggets for the price of 6 and my favorite smoothie of theirs – mango pineapple. Delicious! While driving there was a conversation on the radio between the host and a widow whose husband was killed while on duty. In all the chatting, something she said on the show caught my attention. She said the people who did the act of gifting her little amount 20$ to 50$ cash gifts here and there did not know the impact that had on her life during these tough times. While she said that she teared up and choked on the radio station. Which in turn instantly moved me in a way I did not expect.

As I was at the light waiting to make a left turn, a man on the curb of the street held a sign with his hands out saying something like:

My wife passed away and left me alone with 4 kids.

I looked at him from head to toe and analyzed him carefully. I then laughed out aloud and called him a liar. How does he need help when everything on him looks brand new? As the light turned green, I hit my gas pedal and drove off. I stopped another man from scamming me.

Almost home now, I was uneasy as I ate my 7th nugget and took a good sip of my smoothie. The food didn’t go down well. How was I taking in all this I did not need and had a whole bag of loose change sitting there and refused to help a man who was in need. Was it my place to judge him? The widow’s story from the radio is of one many I have heard but I had to act on this one right away.

I turned around right there and then, redid my journey, and made sure I ended up right beside the man. I gave him my bag of change praying that my little gift can affect him as much as it affected the widow and her family.

At times I wonder, how did we become so mean? How do we forget to love our neighbor as we love our self? Rephrase that! Why are we so self-absorbed that we forget how we want to be treated? You know what, I believe that I am actually a kind person. Yet there are some mean self-centered actions that shockingly I find easier to do than being kind and loving.

I might have a minor in psychology, but I am no psychologist. However, I can tell you that the fast-paced world we live in today gives us no time to love our neighbor unless it is effortless and right in our way. Authentic kindness is harder to perform in 2018 as we are so busy. The donations we give to the kid who bags your groceries, that we place in the Tim Horton’s box and the automatic withdrawal that comes out of your credit card every month to help sponsor a child are what I consider effortless acts of kindness. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing. However, I think love in the form of kindness shouldn’t be easy and effortless. An authentic act of kindness results in authentic fulfillment. Kindness stretches you mentally and physically. It is an experience you always learn and grow from. We are always in search of fulfillment and I can tell you from experience that authentic kindness will give you a good dose of fulfillment and purpose. It is extraordinary in a way that it opens you up to an extraordinary way of living.

While writing this blog, I just took a quick look at what karma means and Wiki gave me

“the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deeds contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deeds contribute to bad karma and future suffering.”

I simply say God is in charge of what goes around somehow comes around. I am certain he notes them all down in a big book and check them off when it has been returned back to you. An authentic act of kindness is definitely something we will need in our future at one point or another.

On that note everybody has their kindness calling as we are all different individuals. No matter who you are the poorest of men or the richest of them all, you can still be kind and find your kindness calling.

Here are some suggestions I have to get you finding:

1. Inspire people every time you speak.

2. Praise people. It goes a long way

3. Gift people gifts when they are in need.

4. Be an ear and listen to someone who needs to talk

5. Spend quality time with the lonely

Found yours yet? Remember, when you authentically be kind you embody love. I hope you liked my post today. Thank you for stopping by.