Why I Chose an International Medical School

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Three weeks into my medical school journey, I have decided to start a lifestyle blog around my life as an international medical school student. After obtaining a couple bachelors and working in the related field for a quick minute, I have once again decided to return to school. However, not any regular local school. I chose to do a medical degree (MD) at an accredited school in the Caribbean, in a country I have only heard of. As I tell friends and family about my decision, I get many questions as to why I chose this route.

My mom always said when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I said a gynecologist and then as I got older I wanted to fix people bones and their fundamental structure. Did I know how much work it took to get there? Nope! Yet I am now learning all about it and will be sharing the whole experience with you; the ins and outs of becoming a doctor.

To start the blog off, it is only right to answer everybody’s question “Why the Caribbean?” I only have three reasons as to why this option was appealing to me.

No chance in Medical School in Canada

For quite a few reasons, I have lost the opportunity to do the MD program at home in Quebec, Canada. As per an advisor it has been at least 5 years since I completed my basic sciences in CEGEP (college). Technically, they’ve expired. After that period of time, one is unable to enter into a program requiring these basics. These courses will have to be redone in order to enter the program. I did not believe it was needed for me to go all the way back and get that done and I was not going to do so. Schooling isn’t easy! Secondly, I definitely did not fall into the GPA range that was needed to enter the MD program. That ultimately crashed all my dreams and hope to pursue this dream. Upon hearing some whispers on the streets of Montreal about medical school in the Caribbean, I googled a couple schools and took a blind man’s chance at applying. I got accepted and then decided to ponder over this for one year before attending. So to answer the question, I chose school in the Caribbean because it gave me an opportunity to become the physician I wanted to be.

The Pros Outweighs the Cons

Once accepted I realized the pros outweighed the cons for me. There is less competitive students applying compared to Canada, the application process is quick and the offered education is actually comparable to what is given in the US or Canada. The fee though it was much more expensive for me compared to what a Quebecer pays in Quebec, it was cheaper than anywhere else I was already looking at. To top it off, I was told I can either go back to the States or Canada to practice. I didn’t see anything wrong at all apart from being so far from home.

Looking for an Adventure

Besides the obvious reason as to why everybody and anybody does MD in the Caribbean I was also looking for an adventure. I was looking for something different and new. I wanted to be elsewhere in the world. Meet different people. Be somewhere I did not have to worry about winter and two years in the Caribbean seemed like an amazing offer. Attending an international school is a good reason for me to travel and mature a little. It is an opportunity to appreciate the little things I take for granted at home.

If any of these reasons is causing you to consider attending an international medical school. Well, you won’t be the only one to have attended for these reasons. Go ahead and start the application process. What will you lose? I will eventually share about the application process in one of my future blog posts. Stay reading!

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