I Choose To Laugh

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

If you know why I started this blog, you know it was to help me grow and develop into a woman I admired, into a woman I loved and into the woman I was meant to be. One thing I did not want to be was a woman with a smile that was a mile wide but a life that was only an inch deep. I even wrote a poem in 2016 when I started this journey about this called, I Will Be.

Growing up, I’ve realized that life isn’t as simple as it seems. Days turns into months, months into years and years into a lifetime. Day after day we find reasons to be upset, unsatisfied, sad, and bothered – all the while waiting for the perfect life and be that person we are destined to be. Yet, it is the journey that gives us the depth and character to life, not the destination. It’s both the high and low moments, both the good and the bad ones as well that allows you to turn around and tell the younger ones what lies ahead and how to approach this problem and the next.

That’s why I have chosen to laugh through it all on my journey to be a woman of substance and dimension. Choosing to laugh allows me to look for the things that make me happy and laugh all the time despite what situation I find myself in. It lightens my heart and soul which in turns makes me see everything in life in a different manner. It helps one navigate better in life.

All this dawned on me as I was taking pictures for a blog post. I wanted to prove to you guys and myself that I was finally that woman I was looking to be. But a small voice whispered to me that it’s not the destination with all the glitz and glam that comes with it but it’s actually the journey there that creates the woman. So gracefully take the journey and choose to laugh through it all.


Edith Berko