Fall In Love With Your Life

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Fall In Love With Your Life
Fall In Love With Your Life

Date yourself.

Get to know who you are.

Find your purpose.

Get there and do it all over again!

We as humans tend to complain about our life and how nothing is going the way we will like it to go. If everything is going right, then we also get bored. We wake up like that, sleep like that and 50 years pass us like that. Stop the cycle now and fall in love with your life.

Life is a journey to the end. The end we’ll say for now is your grave. It is not a journey to success or to achieving your wildest dreams and then you are done life. The journey is called life and learning to love it makes it worthwhile. You may find yourself in a situation where you look around and say I can’t enjoy this. Replace your statement “can’t” with “won’t” and see how that makes you feel. “I can’t enjoy this” really means “I won’t enjoy this”. My dear, if there is a will there is a way is what my mom always tells me.

Enjoying life is about making the best of every moment and situation you find yourself in. Money will not make you enjoy it more. Removing the negative people in your life won’t make you enjoy it more. Changing jobs and finding another one won’t give you that utmost desire of happiness and satisfaction. It doesn’t make sense, right? But what we actually do is shuffle the matters in our life around for us to feel good. The same way we reorganize our room for it to look different for a short while until we are tired of it again. We disguise the real problem. To love your life is to be able to be in the midst of a problem and still have hope, joy and a plan!

So, here’s a plan I can help you start with that I am using myself:

Fall In Love With Your Life
Fall In Love With Your Life

1. Move! Get active and get your heart rate up.

2. Search for opportunity in the midst of it all.

3. Dress the part. Look like a million dollars and you’ll get a million bucks.

4. Laugh all the time. Claim happiness into your life.

5. Don’t rush. Good things take some preparation time.

6. Work hard! Put heart and soul in everything you do.

7. Have an adventure’s list. As little as it may be, do something that excites you and that gives you a rush.

Fall in love with the life you have been giving no matter how grand or minuscule it is. There is purpose to it. Don’t forget it is a journey to be enjoyed.

Happy Love Day!


Edith B