5 Lessons from Facing Setbacks in Life

In today’s blog post I want to impart to you some little knowledge I have on facing setbacks in life. Right off the bat I can tell you it is inevitable. Yes, you cannot avoid them in life. Setbacks, failure, and crushed dreams happens to everybody but what differentiates one person’s failure from another’s is how they face it in their life.


Recently, I thought I was just coming out of a major setback I had in my life financially, emotionally, and physically that had been going on for a couple of years. I finally was hopeful, had built the self-esteem and a whole plan that I was going to push. That literally lasted a minute before life threw me another curve ball. However, this time I am wiser and the reason it took me so long to get out of the rut is because I was lacking information that I will share with you today. Hands on experience always create the best advice.


Take of your wounds and then get back to the drawing board. Use what is left of the situation to regain control and grow. Setbacks and failures only slow you down so do not allow even more time to be wasted by complaining and staying upset.


It doesn’t mean you’ve failed that you are failure. There’s a difference between the two. To be a failure is when you have given up and is not willing to try again. To fail on the other hand is nothing but a stumble block, a road bump, a hiccup, or anything that slows you down and takes you back to the drawing board.


Find the good in it. Have a positive mindset and take away a lesson from the experience. Sometimes there is no logical explanation as to why what happened did. Sometimes there is. Regardless, have a positive outlook.


Really connect with like minded people who have the same dream and aspirations as you. They will give you some type of hope, faith, and strength that you will find no where else. They literally help you get right back up again.


Understand there is no straight path to your destination. It doesn’t have to play out exactly how you think it should. Just keep on moving forward. No setback can stop you. Only you stop yourself.


What lessons do you have from setbacks you’ve experienced in life? How do you get back up and on track again? Share what you think with me on Instagram and let me know what you know because sharing is caring. Also if you enjoyed the 5 lessons then you will also enjoy reading 5 Random Tips That Makes Life Easier .

Thank you for reading my 5 lessons I've learnt from facing setbacks in life.

xoxo, Edith

Photos: Nancy Pham

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