Dodge Bow: Try It Out

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

If you have not heard about this place then you have not been on top of trending activities. DodgeBow also known as Archery Combat is the childhood fave game - dodge ball, with a twist to it.  Instead of playing with balls you are playing with bows and arrows. How cool is that! Don’t worry, it is not painful at all. The only pain is after the game.  That is when you realize how you have pretty much worked out your glutes by doing plenty of squats as you were busy dodging arrows that practically were not hitting you. Besides that, there’s nothing to fear so I had to try this!

Essentially, the game requires 24 people to play. You may either come with your set of 2 dozen people or you may go on their site and purchase a ticket for a time slot you would like. Do keep in mind that it is slightly cheaper and more enjoyable to reserve a time slot and have your own group of 24 people come play versus buying single tickets online.

Once there, the referees show you how to play and use the arrows. You do get a mask, your bow, arrow and a sleeve to protect your arm from getting hit by the bow; put them all on and let the games begin. Just do listen carefully when they explain how the bow and arrow works. Took a few of us a good moment to understand how to use our tools while we were dodging all those arrows. Boy were we anxious!

The game modes are all explained on their site and much better during play. You wouldn’t expect to break a sweat as you are in a gymnasium with inflatable obstacles but were we sweating. The intensity of the game, running and dodging does actually give you a bit of a workout.

If you have ever read the book Hunger Games, you get a mini feel of this. Just like how cameras were rolling as Katniss Everdeen was fighting her battles there is photographers capturing your glorious. Once the game is over they are all posted on their Facebook page for the world to see how great of warrior you just like the ones below.

There is always room for improvement right? The game can be improved if they actually get an indoor terrain that mimics an actual battle zone. Now that would be next level!

Listen, this game is for both the grown and the young. Go plays some DodgeBow and have fun!

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