Cookies For Santa

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Making some sweet chocolate chip cookies for Santa!

Born in North America, I wondered why cookies and milk were left for Santa on Christmas Eve. The only reason I could think of was to get a big fat present on Christmas Day and to give him a little snack while it was being delivered. After making Santa some cookies of my own, I googled the reason for doing this. I know, I did that kind of backwards. If you want the recipe for the cookies, I made him, click here. I would majorly cut down on the sugar however!

Impatient for these cookies!

The reason for giving Santa cookies was somewhat what I was thinking. It is simply in the spirit of giving what little you have despite your situation to the one who gifts. It teaches the young and old a little lesson. I’m too old to believe in Santa. I know he isn’t real because my cookies were untouched when I woke up in the morning. I finished them myself.

Remembering the reason for the season

Yet, I believe in God’s loving kindness. He gives, and he takes away. He is our provider. He works everything for our good. With a tree or not, family dinner or not, with family or not, a gift under the tree or not, filled with joy or not; Christmas is a time to remember how the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the person that narrated the perfect Big Bang. He humbly came to the Earth you and I live on to show us what love is really about. He came and lived amongst us who are undeserving to make the way to eternally live with Him in Heaven. Isn’t that the greatest gift of all? Such love just melts me on the inside and it’s that very love we celebrate this time of the year.

Merry Christmas


Edith Berko