My Christmas Playlist

Wondering what Santa got me this year

What is the holiday season without food, friends, family, and music! I know for me Christmas songs set the tone, calls the holiday Spirit forth and allows me to shake a leg or two. That is why I have decided to share with you this year my Christmas Playlist. I’ve compiled about 25 of them that you can play on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and on Boxing Day (for the Canadians). Then after that, you put it away until next year… Unless it’s still socially acceptable to play Christmas songs all the way to New Years.

In all honesty, it isn’t always easy to get into the Holiday Spirit while life is happening. You may be struggling financially, you may be missing loved ones and feeling lonely. 2019 may have scarred you but there is hope and a future for all of us. That is exactly what we are celebrating. To help us out of the rut we often find ourselves in during the holidays, let us play some songs, be cheerful, get dancing and maybe even sing along. Hop onto my playlist and shake a leg with me this holiday season because life does get better! “My Christmas Playlist

All the while celebrating, and listening to Christmas songs, don’t forget the reason for the season.

Watch “ Why Do We Celebrate Christmas” to not forget why we do what we do during this time of the year.

Last year, I made cookies for Santa to double-check one more time in my old age if Santa was real or not. I know, I know! It sounds ridiculous but I had to do it and had fun doing so. Read the post to see what I found out and get the amazing recipe I used to make those amazing cookies.

Cheers, Edith XOX