Barbie Exposition

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Tonight, I took a trip to go see Barbie and how much she has evolved and become inclusive. Growing up, I only found one type of Barbie color in stores and loved her regardless! However, going to Barbie’s exposition, I even loved her more. I know! I know! People are saying that she is giving a false body image. But, hey! I understand how it affects children yet for me she helped me dream beyond my four walls. She helped me create goals in life.

Barbie from Asia

Barbie from Kenya

Barbie from Nigeria

I even tried being a real life Barbie myself. What do you think? Let's call this one the African Canadian Barbie.

There are so many Barbies from around the world for you to see! Take a visit and go see them freely as well. And the best Barbie doll for last. Enjoy!

Barbie from Ghana

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