5 Random Tips That Makes Life Easier

As a woman in her 20`s of this day and age, there are quite a few things I have learnt that I can share just to make the younger one`s life easier. Even if you are not younger, advice is advice. Like my mom says "Had I known is always at last". I most definitely would love to do you a favor and avoid you some “Had I Known” moments.

1. Don`t share your business

I’m talking about your private business. What is yours is yours. Make sure you have fully received it and is enjoying it before letting random people, also known as the world, know your business. A lot of people create bad energy by the way they feel, what they think and what they say about your business. In this world we live in, energy is a powerful currency that is always at work. Let’s not get bad energy around our life goals, plans, projects, and just your life business.

2. Don’t procrastinate

Get the job done. Seriously tackle it and get it over with. Close your eyes count to 5 and get up at the count of 5! No matter what it is that you don`t want to do apply this technique. Whether it be washing the dishes, tackling an assignment or getting a project done; find a way to get it done! Read more about How to Use Your Time Wisely.

3. Work to the best of your abilities

Whatever you are doing right now, do it the best way you can. Be consistent and do your best. Work as if you are presenting this so you can live to see the next day. Work as if your life and the life of your love ones depended on it. Work wholeheartedly, faithfully and happily. You perform better that way which leads to unexpected opportunities and allows you to not waste time in life.

4. Have morals

This means have standards for your life. If not, by the time you develop some you will have caused yourself a lot of pain. The thing is even if you don’t want to have a set of morals, you end up having a list of things you agree and disagree with in life anyways. So, what I am saying is know that list of yours inside out. Know how you will respond when confronted about your morals. Without morals and values, you easily fall for anything that is proposed to you. Life is not meant for you to blindly follow what decides to lead you.

5. Be kind

It sounds so easy, but it really is not. To be kind means to love when you are being hated. It means to be generous without second guessing why. Being kind is a strength rather than a weakness. I know it doesn’t seem so in the moment when you are practicing it. Yet, it really is when you continue pressing on despite all the emotions you feel. Kindness is graceful and melts the heart of the stubborn, the ill-wishers, and the haters. Kindness is showing the unconditional love that you will want to be shown to you.

I hope you can feel the grey hair growing out of your scalp because for a lot of these tips, people only understand it when their hair is grey, have more time to ponder over life and have been through some very disappointing experiences. It’s all about empowering you to live your best life elegantly and effortlessly.

Comment below and let me know what tip you have that will certainly make the rest of our lives easier.