25 Things to Say at 25

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

I'm officially old they tell me. I officially am to have my life together. I officially have to bear some wisdom. But of course after 25 years of living I have some little wisdom about life and I am willing to share this with the world.

You might not listen to what your mom has to say or your brother, sister, father even your best friend ; but you might just listen to me. So here I go giving you my 2 cents about life.

 1. Secure your pocket. School is important but can be long depending on what your dreams are. That journey needs money. Once you are done high-school I recommend you do a DEC in CEGEP that you will be able to decently work with. That way as you are pursing your main dreams you have a decent income coming in and not looking to work at Tim Hortons , McDonalds or all kinds of customer service jobs at minimum wage.

2. Take your schooling serious .We have a tendency to take school as an activity and do the bare minimum to pass. That catches up. Take your schooling serious in high-school starting from gr.9 . Everything form then counts and is not easy to fix. Do your best to be the best; not just enough to move on to the next grade.

3. Your mother really wants the best for you. You might think your mother is against you or doesn't understand you. Trust me when I say your mother is seeking for what's best for you in her own way. She gave birth to you and knows your innate character more than you know. You are on a journey trying to understand how you work. She knows how you work. Trust her. Talk to her. Seek her advice in everything that you do.

4. Trust no man and fear no woman. Do not place your trust in any human on this earth. They all will deceive but place your trust in God above. Though we feel like he disappoints , he really isn't. We just don't understand his works. Also as a woman do not fear your fellow women. If she stands and believes that she is a women. You stand tall as well and believe you are a woman too. Never be  like she is a better woman than I am.

5. Let your no be no! If your gut tells you not to do something or go somewhere, then don't. Trust your gut feeling. It is a little sensor/radar that God has placed within us.

6.Know what you believe in and stand for it. Don't let other people persuade you other wise. Mainstream doesn't necessarily mean the right way

7.Looks do matter. You are definitely not necessarily who you dresses as but you do get judged by your looks. Be on point. Know what you are going for in life and look the par. No matter how broke you are, give them a sense of who you want to be with what you wear.

8. Plan young! We always think we have time. The younger you plan and put things to action the more that happens by 25. Put that "I have time" mentality behind.

9.  Listen to those who are older than you. A lot of mistakes could have been avoided if I had just listened to my elderly.

10.Friends are fun to have but not the most important thing. They are there for entertainment. Secure your life and then they will enjoy later with you. If you put friends first and don't secure your life and future they will leave  you, despise you and be the ones to make you feel horrible. Don't let friends be that much of a priority.

11. Don't give up on talents and hobbies. If you still haven't found what defines you as you, work on it. It is okay to realize you don't fully know who you are. Just make sure you find yourself before you get into anything serious because you will definitely lose yourself then. Explore no matter how little it is. It is not the world's definition of explore but your very own and you know.

12.Don't rush to grow up anymore. You are already grown up. So stay as young in heart. Enjoy life as much as you can. Just relax. Keep playing, laughing and having fun, don’t get too serious!

13. Pay off your debts, budget and save. Remove any unnecessary immature debt you have and build your credit. Don't worry we all make mistakes. Life is serious now and shortly you will need a good credit score to do certain things.

14. Do not sleep on anger. Forgive and forget. Solve your issue and move on. Life is short to dwell on things that leads no where. Learn to do this and you will be more at peace.

15. Give generously to the needy. There is something in nature that just works its way to do good unto those who do good unto others. Put it to the test!

16.Practice makes you perfect. If you don't know how to cook, practice! If you don't know how to make a bed, practice! If you don't know how to change your car's tires, practice! Whatever type of person with whatever type of skills you admire you can have them too. Just practice!

17. Stay truthful. At this point in the game you don't want to be a liar. You are wiser than you were yesterday. Stand in your truth. If you are wrong, be humble and accept it. The wrong type of pride doesn't make you the best of people.

18. Don't worry. Nobody is better than you. Just plan well. Everyone is winging this thing called life. After all we only have 1 life to live.

19.Establish good habits in all areas of your life. You know what your ideal is therefore attain it through building habits. It may be hard but do it so it can stay.

20. Don't put off being happy. This is a tough one. But be in happy in the moment. However little it may be.   Happiness is only found in the present not in the future. There is no big time for happiness in life.

21. Believe in yourself. Have some self esteem. Others notice rather quickly when you are not confident in who you are. Own up to who you are and rock you well.

22. Take a leap. It may be scary but do not keep waiting for the perfect time. Do it now not tomorrow. As you start you will work on making it the best it can be.

23. Think positively. Do not plan in anger or in pain. Always use a positive mindset to do something. If you can't think right then don't make a decision because you will regret it later.

24.Take care of your body. It already feels different than when it was 13 years old. Before it gets to 50 make sure you are giving it the best.

25. It's okay to be single. In the right time your blessing will come your way. In the mean time "do you"! Enjoy being you. Be happy being you. Enjoy singleness because once it's gone like your youth, it is forever gone.