24 Hours is Enough

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Reflecting and pondering

I can’t believe that the Holiday Season is ending, and the New Year is beginning. We look back and wonder where have the times gone. We ask, what happened in the closing year and what can we better in the coming year. Some are excited, some are sad and many fall in between these two emotions. Regardless, all that we are trying to do is live the middle well. I heard that from my Pastor on a Sunday morning. What we yearn in life is to live the middle well; the hyphenated part on your tombstone (i.e. 1989 – XXXX). Yet, we rush this part, don’t take the time to really enjoy it, look back and wonder.

We are always looking for our next hustle, looking for our next high, we are looking for a better life and, in that search, we lose the time and life we have. Then hear complaints like 24 hours is not enough. I want to introduce you to the idea of 24 hours being more than enough. Say it with me – 24 hours is enough. It is about finding your pace of life, building habits, enjoying where you are at and believing that the natural pace of life will take you to your purpose.

Learning to gently step into the New Year

It’s a new concept that I am learning to embrace myself. I don’t want to run day after day trying to not be late for work. I don’t want deadlines to make me rush through what needs to be done. We need time to sit and breathe. We need time to enjoy who we are and explore hobbies. We need time to sit, sip and laugh. In 2019, 24 hours is enough! Happy New Year!


Edith Berko