Wondering what Santa got me this year

What is the holiday season without food, friends, family, and music! I know for me Christmas songs set the tone, calls the holiday Spirit forth and allows me to shake a leg or two. That is why I have decided to share with you this year my Christmas Playlist. I’ve compiled about 25 of them that you can play on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and on Boxing Day (for the Canadians). Then after that, you put it away until next year… Unless it’s still socially acceptable to play Christmas songs all the way to New Years.

In all honesty, it isn’t always easy to get into the Holiday Spirit while life is happening. You may be struggling financially, you may be missing loved ones and feeling lonely. 2019 may have scarred you but there is hope and a future for all of us. That is exactly what we are celebrating. To help us out of the rut we often find ourselves in during the holidays, let us play some songs, be cheerful, get dancing and maybe even sing along. Hop onto my playlist and shake a leg with me this holiday season because life does get better! “My Christmas Playlist

All the while celebrating, and listening to Christmas songs, don’t forget the reason for the season.

Watch “ Why Do We Celebrate Christmas” to not forget why we do what we do during this time of the year.

Last year, I made cookies for Santa to double-check one more time in my old age if Santa was real or not. I know, I know! It sounds ridiculous but I had to do it and had fun doing so. Read the post to see what I found out and get the amazing recipe I used to make those amazing cookies.

Cheers, Edith XOX

In the past couple of weeks, I have lost control of my days. 24 hours feels like two, and the days seem to be going by without me even noticing. I’ve been so pre-occupied with a couple of bad days that I let my whole month go bad. My to-do list from October 21st has remained the same to this very moment that I am writing this blog post. However, last night I decided to end the cycle. Well, I had to. I’m backed up! Enough bad days have accumulated that I have no choice but to turn my remaining days into good ones. So, I did what we do best in 2019. I googled how to turn a bad day into a good one.

Decided to step out for some fresh air from my daily routine of being upset and found a hidden gem that made me smile

There are so many ways to do so. However, the gist of it seems to be the three points being shared with you today. This is being shared as motivation to both you and me. There are times in our lives where we seriously let things get out of control and bad days are just one of those things. One bad morning does not necessarily have to turn into a bad day, to a bad week and to a bad month. Now writing it out, I don’t even know how I let myself get there.

We waste hours when we don’t have the resiliency to turn around a bad day. We normally decide to let the day go and start over tomorrow. However, you know life doesn’t stop and wait for you to be in a good mood before it continues? You don’t have to prolong the feeling of a bad day because something went wrong, you are off schedule, or simply isn’t in the mood for life today. Instead, do the following and get back into rhythm again.


Let me create an image for you. You know that moment when you are in the longest line for something important that you must do and for some reason, it seems as if it is taking forever. There are maybe 3 people in front of you before it is your turn to be served, but you lose patience and decide to walk away just because you are tired. As soon as you step out of line, the person behind you takes your spot and then all three people for some reason get served including the person behind you. Now you must do the line again because whatever you were supposed to do was very important.

That’s how a bad day works. It doesn’t mean you conclude the day to be a bad one that it necessarily can’t turn around. When you decide to try again tomorrow, that is you wasting time. What I am saying is, stay in alignment with the good parts. Get upset, acknowledge what has happened and then get back in line with your day. Don’t stay in a reacting mode to what is happening. When you realize that you are stuck in reacting mode, take out a paper and plan for the rest of the day. If you’ve lost your way, create the agenda for the rest of the day. Prioritize the day. Think about moving your priorities forward instead of being stuck in a mood. Easier written than done. I know!

Sometimes it takes stepping out and some fresh air to be able to turn things around for the better.


Stop everything! Take some little time off for yourself and do an activity that brings you a new vibe, spirit, and energy. Do not depend on the people around you to give you new energy. Create it! This topic can be a whole blog post on its own. Reorganize your energy and reset. The funk you find yourself in is not going to help you. For some people reorganizing and resetting comes as meditation. For others, it may be cleaning the place up. There are those who drinking tea and getting some silence is their form of recharging. Even if it is a nap, you are not wasting time.

From here I was going back home with new energy, spirit and vibe.


Look to uplift somebody else. Call someone and show them some love. Compliment a stranger. Buy lunch for a friend who really needs it. You may not realize but in doing so you become uplifted. As beings, we become happy when we create happiness for another person. So, go on ahead and do a good deed. The purpose is to take the attention of yourself and focus on someone else. It can be the smallest of things as helping your mother cook dinner.

Is a bad day derailing you? Turn the bad day into a good one. Be patient with yourself. Be ok with yourself. Life can get so challenging and this too shall pass.

Xoxo Edith Berko

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

This summer I turned 28 years old and was quite afraid of this number. I feel like I have aged and life has taken a toll on me. So on my 28th birthday I started a list of 28 things I have learnt in 28 years to show how wise I’ve become with all these years behind me. While making that list I realized that I was not that old at all. I have so much more to learn and maybe I should do a list of things I never have ever done. I was amazed! That list was easier to write up because I have so much to do guys! Being old is just a mindset. You are getting older but you are never old.

Never have I ever....

1.Made mashed potatoes successfully. I’ve tried several times and there’s some secret knowledge I believe I am missing.

2.Drank alcohol. I always order virgin drinks. Drinking hasn’t fully captivated me yet.

3.Really swam because I don’t know how to swim. I should really get to learning.

4.Scored 100% on an exam. The day I do I will literally cry. I remember getting an 85% on a very tough science exam and cried because I was in awe of what I did.

5.Traveled by myself. When I think about it, I don’t think I want to. I fear too many critters to do so.

6.Met a celebrity. I don’t even know which one I want to meet. I don’t think I would over react if I saw the biggest of them all. I would treat them like another local person.

7.Tried a restaurant’s food challenge. I don’t know if I would be able to do it but it would be fun.

8.Cooked and hosted a Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner. That’s the main reason why I want to own a house!

9.Had a sleepover. African parents do not support that type of funny business. They bought me a bed for a reason.

10.Gone skydiving, bungee jumping, and skiing. Omgeee! Now that would be scary.

11.Adopted a child. At least I should be able to sponsor one right? I should look into it. Would love to help a soul out.

12.Been camping. I’m not much of an outdoor person but it wouldn’t kill to try once right?

13.Watched 50 Shades of Grey, Titanic, any Star Wars film and so many other popular movies. I kind of live underneath a rock.

14.Been on a missionary trip. There’s a point in my life that I need to dedicate my life to spreading the good news. I need to get working!

15.Gotten my clothes dirty playing with paint and the soles of my feet caked in mud, and try to not take myself too seriously.

16.Let myself go completely on the dance floor with no awareness of my environment.

17.Ran a marathon. Do I want to? Can I actually run a marathon? I would be amazed at my body if I ever do.

18.Donated blood. I’ve attempted but blood iron was low.

19.Dyed my hair. I would love to get blue streaks in it!

20.Ridden a motorbike or a scooter. My dream motor bike is a quad bike called the Wazuma V8. Gets me excited thinking about it.

21.Driven a Bentley. If you know, then you know why this is on the list here.

22.Gotten a tattoo on myself. I got one of the fake ones and my mom was so disappointed.

23.Shot a gun. I don’t know why it’s on the list here but it just occurred to me as one of the things I’ve never done. I guess someone needs to take me to a gun range. Waiting…

24.Been to a bachelorette party or ever been a bridesmaid. Hopefully that changes soon.

25.Been to an NFL, NBA or NHL game. I would love to!

26.Worn contacts. I would wear some type of hazel colored contacts and look crazy exotic.

27.Driven a manual. There’s something badass about it no?

28.Ridden a camel in a desert.

You can look at the cup as being half empty or half full. The way you live life depends on how you see it. I really did think I was old. However, there is still so much to do, so much to see and so many people who have lived 50 years more after their 28th birthday. Therefore, I have time.

I had quite some fun making my list of Never Have I Ever. By 29, we'll see what I would have crossed off that list.

Thank you for coming to read!

See you next week



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