Why choose Saint James School of Medicine?

I get this question quite often and I don’t really have an answer that would satisfy you. In all honesty, I chose Saint James School of Medicine because it was the only school I looked at. The offer seemed great. The price was in my range. The accreditation was solid. I always say Saint James School of Medicine gave me an opportunity to attain a dream that I lost a very long time ago.

So for you, if you find yourself in the same boat then I can tell you what Saint James School of Medicine has to offer you. However, if you have all the money in the world, very high marks, an amazing profile, can get into the top medical schools in Canada and the US, then don’t come to disturb us at Saint James School of Medicine. I say this because these are the students that come and give us, both students and teachers, a hard time. I kid you not!

I can tell you a bunch about the school and then you decide if you should come to Saint James School of Medicine or not.


Saint James School of Medicine has two campuses. There is one in Anguilla and there is another one in Saint Vincent. I can only address Saint Vincent’s campus as that is where I attended. As a student who has attended both small private schools and public schools, Saint James falls more into the small family private school/business category. That is the best way I can describe it. The Saint Vincent campus consists of one building with no dorms. Class sizes range from 15 students to 40 students max on campus (Online has been a different story), There is one class per MD level. The school is located at the corner of the main street.


The island of Saint Vincent is different from what we are used to in North America. It is safe if you carry yourself well. You have to get an apartment that has other Saint James students in it. It is best if you have a car or take the school bus to get around. Don’t stay out late alone. Be conscious of your environment. Don’t make friends with the most random of people. BE CAREFUL! Just like anywhere else in the world when you travel.


It seems like the range cost of studying medicine in Canada, depending on what your status is, can be between $2,000 CAD/year and $96,000 CAD/year. In the USA, it seems to be between $20,000 CAD/year and $132,000 CAD/year also depending on your status. SJSM is around $30, 000 CAD/year. Therefore it falls on the lower end of the spectrum.

Let me give you a breakdown of my expenses while living on the island:

Cost per month

Rent $700 CAD

Electricity, wi-fi, gas $110 CAD

Phone bill $45 CAD

Transportation $45 CAD

Groceries + eating out $200 CAD

TOTAL $1100 CAD ($840 US)

Most student’s rent and expenses are higher.

USMLE Step 1 Exam Pass Guarantee

The school offers you a pass guarantee for your USMLE STEP 1 exam. If you don’t pass then you get a refund of 5000$ in order for you to take a review program of your choice. They are able to offer you this guarantee because of a computational exam by Kaplan that they have put in place. If you do well on this then you can do well on the STEP 1 EXAM.

In my 20 months at SJSM, what I have seen regarding Computational is that not a lot of students get to pass it. Without passing this exam you are unable to move on to Clinical. In a graduating class, the average amount of students passing this exam is about 4 students. The rest takes some time (can be 1 yearlong) to master the material learned in the 20 months. Knowing this information in advance helps you to strategize in order to succeed.

If there is anything more you would like me to elaborate on, shoot me an email ( modestlye@gmail.com) and I will be glad to let you know more.

All the best in your decision making!

Summer Semester (May 2020 – August 2020)

MD4 is an exciting semester! To have reached this far in a short amount of time amazes so many people. Time flies by quick!


Pathology II Pharmacology PDCM (PDI) – Physical Diagnosis and Clinical Medicine CCBS 4 (Clinical Correlation of Basic Sciences) Research 4

Let me tell you about it (online semester due to COVID-19):

MD 4 is a beautiful semester. The schedule is 10 am to 7pm Mon to Wed and Thurs. to Fri. it is from 10am – 5pm. Studying at home, is not an easy task if you do not have the discipline. However, if you have been acing the previous classes then this semester should be a breeze as well. The most difficult course in the batch is Pharmacology depending on your background. One who has never been exposed to Pharmacology will struggle as I did. Others who have been exposed, found the course pretty smooth. The key to succeeding MD 4 is to be on top of things. Don’t wait until last minute. At this stage in the game, you should be able to connect a lot of the dots from previous classes and have already been exposed to many diseases.

Here are a few tips:

- Find a good flow. Keep pushing. Find what works for you.

- Pharmacology:

o Master the receptors. It is the foundation of Pharmacology

o Master First Aid.

o Drug name, mechanism of action and adverse effects.

o Resources: Kaplan Videos, Youtube, Sketchy and First Aid

- Pathology

o Lippincott and Pathoma

- Do not be afraid to use AnkiDeck. It helps big time with memorization.

- Try not to take too much notes. Learn as you go. Make sure you have mastered the material before moving on. I found that taking elaborate notes took a lot of my time and I never really went back to use them as I thought I would.

Spring Semester (January 2020 – May 2020)

After 8 months in the Caribbean, by 3rd semester you are comfortable. The Caribbean is somewhat now home (especially if you haven’t seen home for 8 months). You are not afraid of your environment and this semester you can completely focus on the material.


Pathology I Microbiology Epidemiology RHM 2 CCBS 3 (Clinical Correlation of Basic Sciences) Psychology

Let me tell you about it (half the semester was in school and half was online due to COVID-19)

MD 3 can be difficult. At this point most of your classes keep referring to Immunology in a very confusing manner. Make sure you have that material straight in your mind. Microbiology is a lot of memorizing and you are bombarded with a lot of information. Remember to focus on what is high yield. Do not get lost in the details.


- Microbiology: Sketchy is a life saver

- Pathology: Use Pathoma