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Every day as soon as I wake up, I have a thousand and one things to do on my mind... I came across a system that works when you actually do it. When you have a long to do list bumping around in your head it actually drains you, disturbs you, and completely distracts you. You always feel like you have ... 

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What can fly without wings?

What is harmless but can kill you?

What can you ask all day, get different answers and they still are all correct?

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​Inner peace is contagious. It starts with you, spreads to friends, family and strangers. As you find peace for yourself, you can also teach others how to do so! Here are some simple tips you can follow to find inner peace in your life...


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People say that your name lets you know what kind of life you are going to live. In short, I think I am actually living my name. I always say I was somewhat giving a handbook, also known as my mother, but for some reason did not acknowledge much of the truths in it ... 

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​The way we currently live in this day and age, we do not realize the amount of stress we are under simply because of the way life rolls. Everything is fast paced. We fit more than we can handle in one day. We get the bare minimum amount of sleep ... 

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​Many times, I have sat in the pews and listened to preaching after preaching, week after week and said to myself, this is exactly what I  ...

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1.  Everything has a consequence. If you do good you really do it for ...

2.  Well I knew that already, but that statement is ever more real than ever. I urge you to ...  

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​I never was the type that could walk down an aisle with people sitting left and right of me. My head would literally spin, the ground will seem as if it were moving in between steps and I had to hold my ear lobe for balance and anxiety purposes in every social setting. The problem was ...


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I was driving back home after taking a quick drive to McDonald's only to get myself 10 nuggets for the price of 6 and my favorite smoothie of theirs – mango pineapple. Delicious! 

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As a new graduate from University, most of my experiences revolve around my studies. University most definitely taught me how to motivate myself...


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I'm officially old they tell me. I officially am to have my life together. I officially have to bear some wisdom. But of course after 25 years of living I have some little wisdom about life and I am willing to share this with the world. You might not listen to what your mom has to say or your brother, sister, father even your best friend ; but you might just listen to me!

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