About Modestly E

I'm Edith

... and I just want to help you. 

I'm a young lady in her 20's who started Modestlye.org simply as a place to write my poems and to make a hobby out of it.


I realized I was writing about my experiences and wanted people to connect with it and get the relief I got after I cocooned my feelings in this art form of poetry.


From there I wanted to help everyone's journey in life and this platform is one way I could. 


Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec I am nothing more than modestly me - Edith. Hence, why this is called Modestly E.

Let us make our life story elegant, while we make it look effortless but none the less empowering.  

Launched in 2016 as a platform to express life's moment and lessons through poetry, blog posts, pictures and videos. Modestly E is about offering you a place where you can come to read, learn, laugh, be motivated and leave as a better person.


These are all things that help me better who I am and I want to share them with you.

About Modestly E

The Blog

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If you love growth, art, chit chats and life lessons then you are at the right place.

Subscribing to www.modestlye.org will connect to you to a platform that looks to channeling positivity into your life and none the less help you be the best you.

Life is a journey and we only do it once so let us help each other make the best of it as we go!